Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Sky was Falling

The new run is finished. Thus, the coop is wrapped in a hardware-cloth frame.

I opened one of the side doors so the chicks could come out. We have been so eager to see them flying around.

But the chicks would not come out. They peered around the door. They balanced on the threshold. They flapped their wings. But they would not come out.

There is a ramp and all they have to do is hop down on it.

So, after all this anticipation and hard work, we had to settle for catching one of the Wellsummer pullets and putting her down on the ground.

She hid under the coop. Eventually she did go back inside the coop.

And she stayed there.

They have agoraphobia.

It was blustery and cold. Fat drops of rain began to fall. So, tomorrow is another day.  Maybe the chicks, eight weeks old, will feel like having an adventure. Maybe they will be a bit more daring.

I closed everything up.  I fed Bummer.