Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Treecroft Farm in December

I have been writing "Barn-cleaning Haiku" all of November, waiting for rains, waiting now for snow.  The sky looks like it is going to unload.  Something.  But I am still waiting, a bit colder. The sheep are only hungry, as ever, and breeding.  Xerxes is a calm king.  I tried painting his underbelly with blue marking paint. But that did not work out.  Because he is shades of brown and the ewes in estrus are all either black or brown, the paint did not show up.  So I will wait.  December is all about waiting.

Some of my handmade, hand knitted and hand spun work can be seen and purchased on etsy.com.  Annie's page http://www.etsy.com/listing/79721192/beautiful-warm-icelandic-wool-hat?ref=pr_shop does not include a hat that was made with Xerxe's lamb fleece.  If you are interested in this hat, created with 100% Lopi, please let me know.  Other hats, also not on display on Annie's page, are made with a blend of fur from one of the Great Pyrenees, the dogs who guard these Icelandic sheep.

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