Monday, December 12, 2011

Life Learning Experiences

with no surprise,
I have managed to do it again.
I just have to be different.

I must be the only blogger who has ever accidentally clicked on Delete and watched in horror as the screen went blank.  There are no entries in General Issues or in Posting and Editing Issues in the Help menu that will help me find and restore my posts.

My friend and colleague Andy would ask, "What does this remind you of?"

It brings back fond memories of my mother screaming, "Don't touch anything!"

It also reminds me of the county building department's secretary (a Monica L. double (are we still talking about her?) with a tight black skirt, a tight red sweater, straight out of a Lee Child thriller) telling me, more or less, that I am a walking code violation.

So, why does this happen?  Why is there no UNDO button?  Or, if there is one, why am I the only one who can't find it?

Is all this happening because I am female?  A single mother? Post menopause?  A sheep farmer?  A PhD? Poor?  Fill in the blanks.  Oh, right, this has to happen because I am blind.  That must be the right label to slap on me.  Used to be if you made a typo or any other Freudian slip, it had to be for a reason that is now politically incorrect to mention.

My grandmother lived past her 100th birthday.  She never used a computer.  She didn't go to graduate school.  She never raised sheep.  She wasn't a single mom.  She never blogged.  She never swore or threw the All-Im-One across the room or wanted to hit any key with a sledge hammer.


I want my posts back.

It's almost Christmas.  Give me a break.

I knew I should have just sat around in my bathrobe and spun the rest of that Lopi grey cloud.  I knew I should have knitted another "Snoopy" hat, the fun hat with ear flaps that makes me think of Snoopy on his dog house, muttering to himself.  I knew I should have stayed in bed reading up on antique roses.  The Bourbons, the Chinas, the Perpetuals.  The Gloire de Dijon that D. H. Lawrence wrote a poem about.

Someday, soon, I must have one for my garden too.  After I buy more worms.   Big red juicy ones to set free in a worm bin.

After all, I have to do SOMETHING to amuse myself and get out of this funk.  I might as well go out and watch the worms when I hit the wrong key or get a paper jam.

<sigh>  <sigh>  <pout>

You can see some pictures of my handmade hats on Annie's page on

But that won't bring back my posts.


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